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Campbell: Don’t put flouride in water

Folks, Flint, Michigan water is poisoned by lead. But many other water systems are poisoned by fluoride.

(Article by Garland Campbell, republished from

The truth is there is no fluoride deficiency in the human body, adult or children. Instead, some studies show that flouride interferes with the normal functions of the thyroid gland, and displaces calcium in bones and teeth, making them brittle.

Pulaski County filters 7.5 million gallons per day for itself and Giles County. The combined population is approximately 52,000.  Presuming they drink only 1/2 gallon per day, 8 x 8 oz equals 64 oz, a half gallon, that is only 26,000 gallons for drinking, leaving 7.474 million gallons for all the other uses of water.

When you consider how little water the people drink, the bulk of this poisoned water is being used where we don’t need fluoridated water, like to flush toilets, wash dishes, fruits and vegetables, launder clothes, bathe and shower, mop floors, wash vehicles, water lawns, gardens, flowers, pets and livestock, fight fires, and fill pools.

Most of it returns to the sewage disposal plants where it has to be removed, or into septic system field lines where over the years they may have become de facto toxic waste dumps.

People who may want fluoridated water can buy it at stores. For the rest of us who don’t want fluoridated water, it is time to stop adding this industrial toxic waste to our water. The money saved can be put to better use.

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